About us

Our philosophy

At Nibble Time we have a special passion for peanuts and nuts. So we are full of ideas & energy to develop delicious products that everyone likes with tasty and crunchy peanuts and nuts as the main ingredient. They are particularly rich in healthy fats, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, fibre and proteins. All this makes peanuts and nuts superfoods with a natural taste experience!

We have set up 3 different categories for the Nibble Time brand.
• Nibble Time red: Original
• Nibble Time green: Healthy Vegan
• Nibble Time blue: Organic

Original - means original products. Delicious original products where we have made no concessions on the recipe.
Healthy Vegan - stands for clean label, without additives, only pure products, and vegan friendly!
Organic - it's in the name, these products consist of organic ingredients

Nibble Time
Nibble Time is a Maas-Intersales brand (www.Maas-Intersales.com) , an international company that focuses on raw materials for industry and fast moving consumer goods in the private label segment. We work from our office in Valkenswaard but are active worldwide.


We are continuously looking for suppliers and points of sale. Interested in a Nibble Time product? Get in touch!