Healthy Vegan

Delicious healthy food, for you and for the planet -
you will love it 

Healthy vegan nut butter - because it is healthy, because it feels better, because it is deliciously eco-friendly. We are committed to a clean label: the list of ingredients is short, easy to understand and consists only of natural ingredients. We do not add palm oil or sugar. Only pure ingredients - creamy to the last spoonful. And you can taste it!

Nuts and peanuts are a source of nutrients that our body needs every day. They contain unsaturated fats and proteins, vitamins and minerals that give you energy to get through the day. How great is that: you can spread it on a sandwich or use it in a dish, no guilt.

Don't forget to stir your nut butter well before using it. The oils separate naturally because there is no palm oil in our nut butters. Palm oil is usually used to stop natural separation.

Time to taste  

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