Real Dark Choco Cream 10%

Dark brown hazelnut-choco cream with 10% cocoa

  • Thick and rich but not overly sweet
  • Smells like delicious chocolate and has a rich chocolaty taste.
  • Homogenous mixture and easy to spread.
  • Real chocolate pleasure.
  • Enjoy the smooth chocolate spread on a croissant, dipped with fruit, topped on desserts or used for baking in your favourite recipes.

We use Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa in our product. In this way, we support sustainable cocoa farming.


Nutritional value per 100 g

Energy  kJ
Fats  g
of which
• saturated fatty acids  g
• monounsaturated fatty acids  g
• polyunsaturated fatty acids  g
Carbohydrates  g
• of which sugars  g
Fibre  g
Proteine  g
Salt  g